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"Steps to Drywall"

The first step in achieving a well built drywall wall is the framing or carpentry that happens before installing the drywall. Walls should be framed with wooden or metal studs 16 inch or 24 inch apart. The key factor here is that drywall comes in standard sizes of 4x8 foot sheets, 4x10 foot sheets, and 4x12 foot sheets; all of which are divisable by 16 and 24 inches. Proper framing of your wall should include a bottom plate and a top plate with wooden 2x4 or 2x6 standing upright and level. The easiest way to ensure a level wall is built, first you have to ensure that the wall is being built square, to accomplish this the bottom plate and top plate have to be cut the same size in length. Once you have cut your bottom and top plates the next step is to secure the bottom plate to the floor where your desired wall is being built. Chalk a line or mark with a pencil where the inside of the framed wall should go. Position the bottom plate directly infront of the chalked line on it's side, then take a framing nail and toe-nail the bottom plate to the floor. Make sure the nail is angled toward the chalked line- this makes the nail through the bottom plate our pivot point for the new wall. Once the bottom plate is secured you can mark out where the upright 2x4 or 2x6 are going by pairing the top plate next to the bottom plate and hooking a tape measure onto both plates then mark your framing to a desired width of 16 or 24 inch centers. After the plates are marked, the next step is to separate the plates and insert a 2x4 or 2x6 in between the two at each mark. Next fasten the top and bottom plates to the upright 2x4 or 2x6. Before erecting the wall you must check that it is square by measuring from oposite corners to attain then diagonal dimensions of the wall. If your wall is square, the dimensions for the diagonals will be equal. Once the wall is square (if the wall will be an outside wall attach aspenite to the exterior) lift from the top plate and have a brace ready to support the wall temporarily before you tie it into the rest of the house.




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